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Basic Gantt Chart Example

Security and Access Gantt Chart Schedule
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This is a Basic Gantt chart example. It shows tasks in a Security and Access Control project.  Tasks are outlined in two sections.  Each task uses a yellow triangle to indicate the start date of the task and a green down triangle to indicate the finish date of the task. Also shown on this schedule are the responsible sub-contractors for the project (in the column labeled R-E-S-P).

All Schedules on this web site were created using Milestones software. This includes Milestones Professional, which is a powerful, fast, and easy to use project scheduler, and Milestones Simplicity, a basic program for creating Gantt charts. These programs can both be used to present schedules. They are both great examples of project planning software.

Also, check out this article that compares Milestones Professional to OnePager Pro, it's pretty interesting!